Monday, April 13, 2009

The blogger awards!

Well, this morning i received this "THE BLOGGER AWARDS" from Cornelius !
First of all, Thanks Cornelius, i really appreciate it! HAHAs...
What exactly is this trophy for?
Yups, it is to encourage bloggers to continue blogging, to post more interesting post... LOL..
I also dunno how to describe it!
Cornelius said we need to pass this awards to the bloggers that you think are amazing, LOL!
BUT, he had passed to most of the blogger that i want to pass on to.. so just left a few..

those are:
Falcon , Pikey , LNK , Kellaw , Yenniedoll , Xjion , ShuFen
Wow, if i want to give, there are a lot.. so just that's all! LOLx...
Anyway, keep it up for all bloggers!


Borneo Falcon said...

Thanks for the award man. Really like it

leo7_lion said...

Keep up the good work David!! XD