Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Working in office? Microsft virtual PC!

This is the second day for my internship.. ERM!
Same as yesterday, waiting task from my supervisor.. but never comes... =.=

Yesterday, one of my colleague taught me how to format a new window in existing window.
What does that means?

Well, Erm, how to explain?
ok... Let's say you are using window XP how, and your computer or laptop performance are GOOD enough, minimum 1.5GB of RAM and core duo processor maybe!

Now you can try to format a new window in your existing window by using Microsoft virtual PC,
is a some kinds of software that allow you to run a new window in your existing window without shutdown the window!

After you install the virtual window, you can use two windows together, WOW, sounds nice? HAHA!

Well, that's all!
Tomorrow post again!


Anthea said...

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Eloise_CMH said...

Working at IT company u should know about the technology use in nowadays...
Instead of install two windows, u can install more as well as long as u have d enough memory n hard disk.
Besides window, u oso can install linux....
Anyway, good luck for ur practical oh....add oil.

lion said...

using 2 windows wont be mafan meh?