Monday, April 13, 2009

Food in Terengganu!

Yea, today post about where is the interesting place to EAT in Terengganu!
Terengganu famous with its Malays FOOD.. some are really delicious, some are sucks.. LOL!
Actually, i dun really like Malays food, BUT, I'm staying here now, got no choice in fact... haiz!

Well, now let's take a look at it location, no no, actually just the photo i snapped! LOL...
The exactly location, even i tell you also dunno, if you never been here right?

So, just look at some random views of the restaurant!
This time, finally i knew the restaurant title.. wahah! Dara Inn!
Wow, Inn? Yea, it is some kinds of accommodation place, just a restaurant beside it!
SEE? that's the place where you can stay with CHEAP rate, but dunno how much.. =.-=
Look at the table and chair, like that traditional one, LOL!!
Now the menu, every food cost rm5.00 and above, is over the average price in normal stalls, but, it is restaurant with no air-con.. ZZzz
Click on it to enlarge to see it clearly!
The inside view, the restaurant is d@MN small.. lol!
Now the food.. erm, is not bad actually but the service was totally CRAP.. i got my first disk, then after 20 minutes the 2nd and 3rd disks for my friends came, then more 20minutes the last 2 disks came.. WOW.. we waited till wanna DIE... SUcks..
It is not very hygiene at there also.. can you see the cat? LOL... after the customer gone, the cat came.. WTH!

Lastly some random views from the restaurant!
The short shop lot!
That was we were very lucky, because we saw some horses.. LOL!
There is a children playground in front of the restaurant!

Yea, that's all for today!
stay TUNED!


Anonymous said...

2 years in T'ganu gave up ady. Donno where else serve nice food except Hot2. ha3...

Borneo Falcon said...

I believe this restaurant is beside the beach

Allison said...

im in terengganu now.. this looks like by the beach.. somehow familiar.. but sien.. here where else got nice food?