Friday, April 10, 2009

MSN bloggers

Currently i have created a group for all bloggers in live messenger!
The main point is to instil good relationship between bloggers, Lolx....
It also acts as a communication medium for bloggers. Chatting is easier than leave a message in chatbox and some bloggers do not even have chatbox.

For the bloggers that do not have chatbox, it make us hard to tell that we are visiting their blogs and also hard to leave a message through comment. But i do leave message in bloggers comment if they do not have chatbox, LOlx...
Both the pictures showing the bloggers group, i named it as Bloggers, hahas!
For the mean time, i only got 9 bloggers in that group, and we did message each others sometimes!
Well, if you feel like want to join us, just drop me a message in my chatbox.
Or you can directly add me in live messenger, my e-mail is
That's all!


e l d y said...

yeah yeah i'm the first 2comment^^
haha ..

add me ya !!

Shu Fen said...


add me too ^^